Rogue Judgement Workout Hoodie

Rogue Judgement Workout Hoodie


No secret that rogues like history and knowledge. The more you know the more likely you are to come up with a solution when the time comes. We also tend to like to work out and this workout hoodie covers both. Its an antimicrobial light blend with a hood so you can just focus on the work that needs to be done. 

On the right wrist you will notice a white feather. This was done with the intention of the rogue holding a firearm or finger on the trigger. When work needs to be done rogues don't shy away. The feather is what you have become when you close with the enemy. As well the actions we take in the defense of the innocent make our hearts light as the feather because we do it for those who cannot.

The Judgement of Osiris

"The `heart' of the soul was handed over to Osiris who placed it on a great golden scale balanced against the white feather of Ma'at, the feather of truth, of harmony, on the other side. If the soul's heart was lighter than the feather then the soul was freely admitted into the bliss of the Field of Reeds. Should the heart prove heavier, however, it was thrown to the floor of the Hall of Truth where it was devoured by Amenti (a god with the face of a crocodile, front of a leopard and the back of a rhinoceros) and the individual soul then ceased to exist. There was no `hell' for the ancient Egyptians; their `fate worse than death' was non-existence."

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