Why We Don’t Talk About White Radicalization

 I’ve long maintained that it’s important for groups to look inward and address issues that are plaguing those that they share a societal connection to. As a “CIS Gendered White Male Christian” then it’s important for me to look at the fact that a segment of my tribe, so to speak, is being radicalized and ask “Why?”. So that’s what we’re going to do.

Takfiri vs. Muslim vs. Islamist vs. Salafi

For those who want to (rightfully) avoid the fallacy of generalizations (1) in describing the attackers I recommend using the term "Salafist Takfiri" to *specifically* describe militant members of groups such as AQ, ISIS, AQAP, Boko Haram etc. who share a common set of behaviors and beliefs. These behaviors and beliefs are *not* the same asMuslims or even Islamists and understanding the difference is key to working together with our allies in this fight and isolating those who are our enemies. 

The engine that thought it could... (Being Jewish in a post 9/11 World)

To be fair, I am a scientist by nature, culture, study, and faith. I turn to scripture as stories or commentary to what I explore in my duties as a professor, teacher, and community member. I see that Jonah flees from G-D because he has personal doubts about his presence, acting on behalf of G-D. I imagine Jonah wondering if he has the proper skills to speak out in public. Or in today’s world, speak out on social media in the face of injustice, hate, memes, cruelty, or hypocrisy. 

Standing In The Explosion

There's a moment when you’re laying on the ground trying to find your breath with the earth buzzing and you realize something has just happened. At that precise second you don't register it but for those who care about you and even yourself things have changed. The person that you were seconds past has literally been blown into the cosmos of being.

Punching Nazis!

Let me open with this, my family was chased out of Nazi Germany, they escaped after receiving the star of David identifying us as Jews. So you can imagine how I feel about Nazis. To say that I have limited sympathy for anyone that identifies with that movement is an understatement.


What The Military can Teach us about Leadership in Business

I follow a rather wide spectrum of people on the internet, from entrepreneurs to artists, from CEO to front line workers, from cushy arm chair consultants to hardened military professionals. All of these people have something to contribute to my personal take on how the world works, but when it comes to leadership I lean and am inspired heavily by the evolving leadership paradigm in the armed forces.