Raven Concealment Eidolon

Raven Concealment Eidolon

Raven Concealment Systems have produced a new holster that is rumored to be “revolutionary”.  Dare I say, in an industry full of knock offs and finding the cheaper way, RCS has gone Rogue and produced a holster you can proudly spend a hundred dollars on.

At first glance I was pleasantly surprised with the packaging.  Finally someone actually packaged a premium holster like a premium holster ought to be packaged.  No cheap plastic to cut yourself on with this setup.

I know the first reaction is of course “who needs directions?”, but for the sake of wanting to give the holster its proper respect, I used the RCS directions for assembly.  The directions seemed to lack specificity in regards to actual holster setup, and concentrated more on telling me what each piece does.  The writing seemed to be more about the items than they were about assembly.  More details and insight into uses for the attachments would be beneficial.  I found myself with a bag of parts and feeling like there was more I was missing. It's an impressive piece of hardware but I just felt like I would miss something and not use it to its full potential.

The assembly went fairly smooth considering I did it based mostly off of a few pictures in the directions.  I did put the bumper on the wrong side at first and that was a painful mistake trying to remove the screws. Looking down the road at possibly changing configurations, I’m concerned at how tough it will be to remove the screws with a beat up Leatherman in the parking lot of the local range, because we all know we won’t be at home with a full workshop when we want to change things up.

I set the holster up for appendix carry for my stock Glock 19 Gen 4.  The directions described in some detail a snap option for belt attachment, but I had four sets of claws and no snaps. The claw and bumper do their job better than I thought they would. The holster does a great job of pushing the grip in, while still allowing for a natural draw stroke from concealment. The reduction in printing, I felt was significantly higher than anything else I have used in the past.

While I can't say it's more comfortable to me than other holsters, I can say that it is not uncomfortable.  I did chop firewood today for about thirty minutes without issue or feeling like my firearm was anything less than secure, so that’s a plus.  As any appendix carry set up, there are unavoidable things you do, like sitting down in bucket seats, that will be uncomfortable or unpleasant, but there are pros and cons to any carry solution.  Choose your own path.

In the world of firearms, sport shooting, concealment, or recreation, if you don't have a box of holsters in the back of your closet, you're probably missing out on something nice.  I for one, am always in search of the better, faster, smoother solution.  I am happy to see innovations hitting the market.  For better or worse, it means we haven't stopped thinking, we haven’t stopped working, and we haven’t given up on the mythical “better mousetrap” yet.  I like the step forward Raven Concealment Systems has made with the Eidolon and have no problem declaring it my new carry holster, till it dies or I find something better.