Wilcox Tactical Gunslinger Belt

Even after all we put it through the belt abides. 

Even after all we put it through the belt abides. 

Wilcox Tactical is the hand crafted labor of love by Kyle Wilcox. When you order a belt from him its not going to some warehouse full of sewing monsters its going to a small business where someone working to build the best product they can sits down and makes you a product they're proud of. In todays world of mass produced tacticool veteran kardashian world it was refreshing to get my hands on a product made by one man trying to offer quality gear at an affordable price. 

Lets get to the belt though…The Gunslinger belt is a fairly rigid best measuring one and a half inches of double layered goodness. To help keep everything where its supposed to be it comes with an inner belt with loop. Each belt is made to order with your measurements and retails for eighty dollars. The hand made quality is every bit as good as any other mass produced belt on the market. In some ways the attention to detail on the stitching surpasses other belts. 

I ran the belt through its paces in both IDPA, casual range time, and even pulled my jeep with it to make sure everything held where it was supposed to. I can tell you that it passed all the tests with flying colors and zero deficiencies. 

Now Im not saying theres anything revolutionary about the design of the belt because its simplicity speaks for itself. What I am a big advocate for is helping small businesses with quality products made in the USA grow. So if you're of a similar mind and in the market for a quality gun belt without the big brand prices checkout our friends at Wilcox Tactical