We design some things, endorse others, & ideas pitched that mean we get to do Roguery, We're likely to show up.




Many moons ago I (Rogue Actual) was sitting in a briefing on human trafficking through the east coast of Africa.  The briefing was for a full bird Colonel who had requested the info from several groups operating on the coast.  Information was flowing like the Black Kei and some great points were made. Then something odd happened, the Colonel barked "stop." The air got tense, everyone kind of squished their eyebrows in confusion and fear, looking around, and wondering who just stepped in it and how. I'll never forget how he took off his glasses and leaned back in the chair rubbing his eyes in frustration. He began to berate the briefer for having the slide in the wrong font.

This man was so wrapped up in font types that he could 1) Tell a difference in font that was minuscule at best. (We're not talking wingdings here) and 2) Wanted to berate ground guys who were gathering intel while he sat around and drank coffee because they didn’t match fonts. It's as if there a powerpoint lobotomy that occurs at some command school I, and others was unaware of? Yes, I know many of you are nodding your heads that there is within various corporate cultures, but this isn’t where it all started for us Rogues, but looking back it kind of did...

Fast forward a few years, you have a team on the ground attached to some cool kids.  All the cool kids had Star Wars and other sci-fi themed call signs, which was pretty cool. And cool kids like Sci-fi! So as the tour continued our team (unnamed at this point) was very effective. We did our best work by never saying something was impossible. If you read duffleblog (and you should) you know that what really makes us effective: board shorts, beards, and flip flops.

One night while being semi-griped out by a SGM he said “You and your team are a bunch of miscreants and rogues. If you weren’t so damn effective, I would have you thrown out of the battlespace!"  Well roger that SGM! That locked in the teams name, "Rogue Squad."  We not only took on the name, we owned it, we fed off seeing people confused by our unconventional ways. No one, however, could argue with the results.


{Going Rogue}


Fastforward to 2009... When you come home from theatre, you don't just forget the lessons you have learned or friends made, you try to channel it into something more productive or at least something that feels meaningful. The squad, we went our separate ways, but the idea of the rogues kept burning. Seeing zombies and inefficiencies, while trying adapt to corporate America isn’t easy. So many people starving and dreaming about what they want to do, seeing it as impossible, BUT a rogue, goes for it.  

So I made a few new friends who are happy to eat, drink, and do. These are the kind of folks who see the world in unconventional ways, turn dreams into reality, and like going rogue.  

So I built Rogue Dynamics.  Here I, HH6, Lino, & Whisper design gear, shirts, patches, endorse others...your own private Idaho waiting. We offer words of encouragement in the gear we sell, swap stories over social media if you want to connect, and will even give you that the extra push to get past the moment you hesitate before the big risk.  

We see Rogue Dynamics, RogueTradingCo., the Rogue's Den, or screaming GO ROGUE as motivators to get outside of your comfort zone.  On behalf of both teams, can't say how much you checking us out by visiting the site means to us; we hope each and everyone of you goes rogue in your own way.