It all started when...

I was growing up in Toledo Ohio. My mom worked three jobs so I spent a lot of time at my grandmothers house on Berdan Ave. If you know anything about Toledo you know that road was the one to and from the factory. It would literally change direction based on the shifts. Allegedly my grandfather sold Jeep the land the plant was built on but I was never able to confirm any of that. My grandmother on top of working for TWA as one of the first female radio operators then went on to retire from Jeep where I believe she worked for Lee Iacocca, Another family story I once heard was that a few of my great uncles took an early jeep and drove it from Toledo to the tip of South America to prove its ability. Supposedly they had all sorts of rogue adventures including being held prisoner for a bit by some less savory types. 

Needless to say that sort of stuff leaves an impact on you. My grandmother was a very important force in shaping my way of thought and life philosophy. Ive written several pieces reflecting on her lessons but when I was able I got my first Jeep and I haven't owned anything but Wranglers since. This build is my third wrangler and I may never get rid of it.