Arbuckle Beard Conditioner

Arbuckle Beard Conditioner


Our Classic Beard Conditioner is specially formulated with Lanolin, Shea Butter, Hemp Seed, Castor, and Quinoa Proteins and essential oils of Coffee and Vanilla. Comes in a 2 oz screw top tin.

This works like what many call a Beard Balm.  Our leave in conditioner can healthfully tame the wild hairs between trims, soften the feel of your hair and serve as a styling aid for your beard. All of this done while sealing in moisture and giving your beard the nutrition that it deserves.

Loaded with moisture-enhancing oils and proteins this formula not only improves the look and feel of the facial hair but also reintroduces moisture to those follicles that often suffer as a side-effect from daily face-washing.

Even more of a reason to get your hands on some of the best beard care available.

What is so special about Quinoa Proteins? 

  • detangling
  • improved shine
  • ease of wet and dry combing
  • softening
  • binding moisture to the hair
  • soothing irritated scalp

Why the name Arbuckle?

-Arbuckle was chosen based on a signature drink during the times of Doc Holliday and Wild Bill Hickock

What does Arbuckle smell like?

-It gives you the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee with a hint of vanilla.  We have had countless ladies tell us that the scent reminds them of Burt Reynolds. I cannot vouch for that but we will take there word for it!

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