Boss Hog Beard Oil

Boss Hog Beard Oil

What does Boss Hog smell like?

This scent is a crisp and refreshing combination of lime and peppermint to give an awesome rejuvenating boost to your daily facial needs. This oil will leave the skin beneath your beard feeling alive!

Why did we name this oil Boss Hog?

Name is derived from the coolest cat in town. A Boss Hog is someone who keeps it real and does whatever they want, when they want!

Why use a Beard Oil?

Used as a light conditioning oil, meaning the oil is a thinner based oil which will allow for a faster absorption. Helps to prevent breakage as well as fight off the dreadful beardruff.

Exposure to the elements like smoke and even daily face-washing can strip the beard’s bristles of their natural protective cuticle, rendering the already-coarse hair even more brittle, dry and scratchy and by adding a few drops of Beard Oil to your Beard daily your beard will become healthy, happy, and will look as good as the great beards in history.

Hand crafted in U.S.A


Oils: Grapeseed, Sweet Almond, Jojoba

Essential Oils: Lime and Peppermint

Disclaimer: May contain allergens please test product before use

1 fl/oz 30mL

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