Ceramic Skull Drinking Shots -Out of stock

Rogue Dynamics

The problem with todays society is no one drinks from the skulls of their enemies anymore...so the saying goes. We like to encourage civility and free thought but unfortunately not everyone seems to be able to comprehend that. So for those instances theres one universal language which when executed properly provides you the opportunity to drink from the skull of your enemy.  We went looking for these as a gift and found the lack of skull drinking containers to be lacking. So like all good rogues we hired a sculptor and had a mold made. Now we can all drink from the skulls of our  enemies made from food grade ceramic and glazed. The mugs measure: 3.5"x 5.5" The shot glasses are about 1.5-2 shots.

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Category: Hydration, Motivation, Recreation

Type: Misc

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