Chaos Card

Sparrows Lock Picks

The CHAOS Card is a fully loaded Break Away Escape kit with a Functioning Flat Handcuff Key that fits into your wallet. Other tools include lock picks, wafer key, auto rocker, comb picks and a stabby thing. Yes a Stabby Thing! The tool selection is designed to cover a wide variety of locks and uncomfortably situations. Break Away Components 1. Short Hook 2. Triple Peak 3. Auto Rocker/Jiggler 4. Short Wafer Pick 5. Four and Five comb pick 6. Tension bar 7. Stabby Thing (If you are questioning if this really is a "stabby thing" ask a Prison Guard for their opinion)  8. Handcuff Key - works on regulation handcuffs Smith & Wesson, Peerless .... Others Handcuff key - How does that Work? Well it's half a key but that's all you need - it is the shape that is important. The half barrel design can bypass the restricted keyway of many regulation handcuffs opening then easily. The internals of handcuffs are simple and easy to open even with half a key ....... maybe that's why Police have Guns..... and Mace .....clubs, tasers..... water canons. WARNING:  THE USE OF THIS PRODUCT MAY RESULT IN YOU BEING RIGHTFULLY BEATEN WITH A BATON. STAY SAFE - STAY LEGAL ROGUES

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