The Magneto

MAGNETO It feels more like Magic than picking when you use the Magneto. Some of you are aware of this bypass method for the kaba push button lock but for those of you who are not it is truly shocking. Inside these kaba push button locks is a small metal plate that can be manipulated from outside the lock with a very strong magnet. READ VERY STRONG MAGNET. When this plate is moved the lock can be opened by turning the handle. It really is that easy - put the Magneto on the side of the lock - open the lock. This bypass method does not work on all Kaba Ilco push button locks but it does work on a LOT of them The Magneto is a high Quality Rare Earth Magnet and you must take care in handling it. This sucker is STRONG again it is REALLY STRONG watch your fingers, don't put it on your wallet, phone, tv, computer, wedding VHS tape. ....... you have been WARNED. Size 2" x 1" x 0.5" 96LBS force

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