September 30, 2016


I see a lot of people quoting this small fraction of President Roosevelt's speech which was given over a hundred years ago across the sea in France. There's another way to apply this to our own lens of perception which I wanted to share.  It seems to be an almost common occurrence in groups to have "that guy". You know the one who no matter what knows all and has done all. Someone posts a question about a firearm/car/bike/war etc etc. while "that guy" responds with well you should have known better than to get a blah. While these parallels are not the same it strikes me as trying to kick the guy trying to figure it out. 

I believe there's an old saying something to the effect of if you're the smartest person in the room you're in the wrong room. When someone asks for information think of it the same as if someone was asking for help. They aren't looking for your condescending remarks but instead actual information. Ill try and illustrate - 

"My Chevy keeps leaking oil anyone know how to fix it?"


As you can see while its meant in jest it doesn't actually do anything to help solve the problem. Even if your "witty" response is correct and they agree it still doesn't fix the leaking oil. I'm not much of a car guy so I see the above in regards to firearms more often than the example but you get my point.  Try to be constructive in your community instead of just adding how wonderfully intelligent you are to every thread you read. 

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The Survival Tree

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A lot of people have asked me about how they could increase their survivability in an active shooter situation. The reality is sometimes you can’t win and that’s something you should be training for. Train for the worst day of your life and hopefully when it happens it’s nowhere near the level you trained for. If you’re lucky, your preparations will have paid off. However, the reality that you should always keep in the worst case scenario box is that you will not win. Get comfortable with that monster and snuggle up. You’re going to be spending a lot of time together. When you understand and embrace the fear, it allows you to rationally respond. In some fortunate moments, you will recognize the monster you’ve become comfortable with.

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There was recently a statement that I read from former Facebook employee that said something to the lines of people are mistaking popularity for truth. Perhaps once upon a time this was for the most part true but the days of the popular opinion being accurate are gone. This leads both sides of an argument to utilize not only inaccurate data for decision making but readily gives the other side flaming arrows to fire back. Unfortunately along with the truth exiting stage left it took civility along for the trip. The study was abandoned for the cave by men and the hard choices are left to what will gain the individual the most digital likes. The currency of doing the right thing has dropped in value like a third world currency in the middle of a violent revolution.

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