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Many moons ago I was sitting in a briefing on human trafficking through the east coast of Africa.  The briefing was for a full bird Colonel who had requested the info from several groups operating on the coast.  Information was flowing like a champ and there were some great points made.  Then something happened and the Colonel said stop. Everyone kind of squished their eyebrows and looked at each other wondering who stepped in it and how. Ill never forget how he took off his glasses and leaned back in the chair rubbing his eyes.  He then continued to berate the briefer for having the slide in the wrong font.

This man was so wrapped up in font types that he could 1. Tell a difference in font that was minuscule at best. (Im not talking wingdings here) and 2. Wanted to berate a bunch of team guys who were on the ground gathering intel while he sat around and drank coffee because they didn’t match fonts.  Is there a power point lobotomy that occurs at some command school Im unaware of? (Yes I know many of you are nodding your heads yes there is) This isn’t where it all started but looking back it kind of did.

Fast forward a few years and you have a team on the ground attached to some cool kids.  All the cool kids had Star Wars themed call signs which was pretty cool. (If you think cool kids don’t like Sci-fi you are crazy!) So as the tour continued the team was very effective but did its best work by never saying something was impossible.  If you read duffleblog(and you should) you know that what really made them effective was the board shorts, beards, and flippy floppies.


One night while being semi griped out by a SGM he said “You and your team are a bunch of miscreants and rogues. If you weren’t so damn effective I would have you thrown out of the battlespace!"  Well roger that SGM! That locked in the teams name for the rest of the tour.  From there we not only took it and owned it but fed off seeing people turn up their nose at our unconventional ways.  One thing they couldn’t argue with was the results.

When you come home you dont just forget the lessons you have learned. We all went our separate ways but the idea kept burning.  Trying to adapt to corporate america isn’t easy and its even more difficult when all you see are zombies. So many people want to go for things they want but they dont. Why not? Why do so many people lack innovation or the ability to get beyond TPS reports?

Rogue Dynamics isn’t just a shirt/patch company its more.  Its the extra push you need when you hesitate to take the big risk.  I hope its what drives you to try new things and get outside of your comfort zone.  Thats where the magic happens and if you sit in your box are you really even living? Again I cant say how much you checking us out means and I hope each and everyone of you goes rogue in your own way.


Rogue Dynamics is not one person its a thought and idea trying to get back to the humble expert willing to do more for the community.  Its not our day job so we aren't tied to doing things for your amusement or dollars.  

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