Epoch Eyewear

Epoch Eyewear

February 25, 2019

Female Veteran Owned      Great Value      Durability      Warranty

Several months ago I was sent a few pairs of glasses from Epoch by a friend.  He asked only for my honest opinion and evaluation.  In the ensuing months I traveled to a few countries, more than a handful of states, and took on several work sets from relaxed to professional attire needs.  


In our line of work the visual is the most important thing. I used to argue with myself on visual or instinct but at some point you realize your reacting to micro expressions and minuscule ripples in the environment.  Some can be auditory sure but the majority of communication comes from visual cues. That being said eyewear becomes important for not just for appearance but changing your appearance, protecting your visual preceptors, and keeping the sun from obscuring your quarry. 

With styles galore I’ve had no issues altering my profile from situation to situation.  If I can find something for almost every occasion I’m positive you can too.


Cost - Some brands charge you a premium for having their name on the side of the item you just paid for. Epoch instead charges a fair price for a solid piece of kit and stands behind it but more on that later. With styles ranging from $19.95 to $150.00 the choice is yours on how deep in your pockets you dig.


Quality - Naturally when cost becomes less of an issue people tend to follow the line of questioning to the assumption of low quality.  I commonly shove my glasses in bags, toss those bags in overhead bins, and often step on those bags changing clothes in interesting spaces. I also sometimes throw them in a jacket pocket only to ball that jacket up to see it at a later day.  So far I have yet to break a pair of Epoch glasses.  Now, that could be because the gods favor the foolish, I'm a naturally lucky person, or the question of quality has been answered for me.  I'm not saying if to go out trying to destroy a pair you wont be able to break them. What I am saying is they're the same quality as other glasses that cost multiples of what these do.  So if I do break a pair I'm not crying my way to the next payday.  


Warranty for the brand is simple and you don’t even pay shipping to get what’s left back to them.  In the interest of full disclosure I haven’t managed to break a pair yet but give it time and I’m sure I will. They also handle not just claims for items purchased from them but other retail outlets as well. Standing behind your product is something I as a consumer look for.  


Another factor a lot of people like that makes them feel good is the ownership of epoch is female Veteran.  Making it as a small business is hard. Reintegration is harder for a lot of people.  Finding something you love and want to risk it all for can be a lifetime endeavor.  Epoch Eyewear is doing it right with donations from every sale going to charity and special editions to help such groups as Fisher house. So many bigger veteran owned companies are doing damage to the overall community and veteran image its refreshing to see someone doing it right.

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