June 04, 2016

So, with the rise of persecution of the 2A in some of the, shall we say “less than free” states, there has been a variety of products released to try to keep our down-trodden brethren at arms. Some of the tubular, twisted stocks and tiny, clumsy spurs that have been released fit the bill for the time being, but still present comfort, operation, and in some cases safety issues. Cue the BoAR grip by Khactus LLC.

The “Biaxial-offset AR” Grip is an option for those in severely controlled states such as NY where laws prohibit any type of grip that goes “conspicuously under the rifle.” The BoAR kicks off to the right hand side, keeping it out from under the rifle, and staying within legal boundaries. The grip is surprisingly comfortable in the hand, somewhat reminiscent of an Xbox controller, and since it is made of a polymer blend the durability is solid as well.

Easily installed just like any other grip on the market, I put mine on an SFA Rifle with an 18” fluted barrel. To be honest, it may stay on there regardless of the state I live in, as it gives a certain comfort and focus to the rifle I use for distance. The grip allows the safety to be manipulated easily, still plenty of comfort maneuvering/carrying your rifle, and if you are only shooting with a small portion of the first pad of your trigger finger (as you should be) there is plenty of real estate on the trigger to get solid shots. I was popping away all day with this set-up at 300 yds, and driving tacks all the while.

As far as the drawbacks? Well, I wish there had been some textured area on the back of the grip where the heel of your hand falls (I’ll probably be reaching out to someone to stipple mine as it is still polymer). I don’t know what plans the company has for future products, but a variety of colors to keep with stock and handguard/rail options, and a left handed option would also be a welcome set of options. This is what the industry really needs right now, a product that operates within the new constraints of the laws but doesn’t compromise performance or comfort, or God forbid safety.

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