May 09, 2016

My normal every day carry has been between a Glock 19 and an Kimber Tactical Pro II, however during the summer I would alternate a Kahr P40 in when conditions warranted it.

When I decided to add a Glock 43 to the arsenal I found the magazine wasn’t very conducive to my hand, and the spare is pretty much unusable. Not to mention that the small, light magazines don't slide out of the well easily for fast reloads. So I decided to look into base pads. The benefit in addition to comfort and smoother reloads is added capacity. More rounds? Now that is a benefit!

Henning +2 $32.95

Both base pads are U.S. made, CNC machined from billet aluminum, and hard anodized.

Once the Glock base pad is removed each is easy install. I would rate the Henning as easier due to the Glock having a 2 step process with a pin and a screw and the Henning only having a screw. Point Henning.

It all comes down to which one you like the looks of better I think. The TTI has a cooler look to me but I think I still prefer the smaller edges & the lines of the Henning. Your mileage may vary.

The main concern I have heard about adding a base pad or extender is that it could make the pistol no longer concealable. So, take a look at the comparison pics of the Kahr and the Glock 43. Keep in mind the Kahr is a .40 caliber and still it is smaller overall except for the grip. Once the magazine base pads are installed the grips are the same length making controlling a compact such as this much easier.

My bottom line is I like each of them and I carry them both daily. I’ve run a lot of rounds through these at the range and they operate flawlessly and the finish has held up great falling in the gravel regularly.

My advice would be if you like the the Glock 43 but aren’t happy with either of the stock magazines due to size, capacity or smith reloading then give one, or both a try. It’s a pretty small investment but to me it was a great payoff.

Phillip Comer is an Engineer, and an IT Security Consultant, currently working on securing critical components of the US Government. Phillip has more than 20 years experience working in various areas of the Information Technology industry. Aside from the IT field he has a great love for the outdoors, including activities like rock climbing, mountain biking, camping, open water swimming, SCUBA diving, skydiving, off-roading, and hunting to name a few.  

He is also an Alumni of the FBI Citizen's Academy and has worked abroad with a DoD Top Secret Security Clearance. 

As an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor and Range Safety Officer, Phillip enjoys getting new people into shooting. When not doing that you’ll find him with his family and pets enjoying the outdoors.


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