October 25, 2016

For the longest time buffer tubes were all the same with the exception of size, then we got AR pistol buffer tubes, and now we have the PWS changes. Reduced weight without sacrificing structural integrity. By using 7075 aluminum they were able to decrease weight while not losing integrity or corrosion resistance. 

As you can see the buffer tube weighed in at 3 oz while my previous one was at 5 oz. While to the average rogue 2 oz isn't something to worry about it all adds up when you're trying to streamline things like weight. 

Additionally they have made sure to include an anti-tilt lip on the design to maintain the health and welfare of your rifle for as long as possible. Unique to their design as far as Ive seen is the ratchet lock on the castle nut. It feels solid and locks into place so you never have to worry about an issue hitting the range or the hunt. For all you super ninja operator types theres even additional drainage holes for your water insertions. 

The whole package is available for a very reasonable $105.99 from their site or in several other combinations. Check it out!

Ive attached their video below as well as a gallery from our shots. I really like what PWS has done here and hope to see more!

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