September 09, 2016

In the true american spirit a man immigrated from Germany fueled by his love of jeeps and started a family legacy. 

Recently I got the itch as so many Jeep owners do that it was time to make some changes to our 2014 Roguerubi. She started out as my third jeep a 2014 Rubicon X and up till now the only changes have been largely cosmetic with lights and such. Much like a good tattoo you need to do some research before you commit. After speaking with the folks at Fortec in Marietta I was more than confident in my decision. You see your Jeep becomes part of your family very quickly and my family has a long history of being part of Jeep from its earliest days so you don't just hand her off to anyone. 

Fortec has a similar path starting out by importing Jeeps to Germany for sale to other enthusiasts. This naturally led to the same jeeps needing parts and as the business grew so did the passion for Jeeps. Eventually this lead to operations moving to our side of the pond and like most small businesses there were ups and downs over the years. Twenty-five years later though they're still going strong and only getting stronger.  With two locations on Georgia and one in Florida, forward progress seems to almost be another product Fortec has been able to capture.  

So what can Fortec do? Well the list of services they dont offer is probably shorter but according to them the list contains: Sales & Installation of High Quality Upgrades for Jeep  Complete Custom Jeep Solutions  Axle & Gear Upgrades  Hemi Conversions  Custom Suspension Work  One-On-One Consultation & Jeep Dealership Support  Professional Customer Service & Tech Support  World Wide Shipping 

On top of all that they were able to take what I wanted out of my Jeep and help me select the items to get me there.  With the possibilities for accessories and modifications on Jeeps about as limitless as the stars it helps to have friends with a bit of knowledge under the hood. So next time you need something for your off road ride hit up our friends at Fortec. 

You can read more about their history and see what they have to offer here

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