October 26, 2016

The purpose of a company as a whole is to be financially sound while providing it's good or services. At some point the romance must be seen through in that the lights are not free. The people who bring you these things you purchase must be able to provide for their loved ones and themselves. The level of importance the company puts on such things are for the owners to decide. In today's society when companies have the choice to make between profit and their community that became a brand advocate choices must be made. 

Choosing a brand is more akin to picking the theme music of your life. It cycles through the phases of our lives and we decide what suits us either by listening to our inner tune or going with the pop music equivalent. We hear the tune but whether we choose to let it play outward or muffle it with the opinion of others is an individual choice. Rarely though do you get to make the music yourself or meet the artists behind it all. I've been fortunate many times over to have the opportunity to not only hear bands like make the music live but toss in inconsequential notes.

When a brand invites you to their event you never know what you're going to find. Let alone when that brand has a huge following on social media. Is it going to be good or is it going to be the hype so many time prevalent in that world. Imagine my surprise to see a company that ranks supporting its physical community and inspiring it's customer community above profit margins. A company whose leadership takes the time to hit the floor during a sale and not view it as beneath them. The employees who enjoy going to work and know the customers names not out of corporate direction but genuine pleasure. 

Last year I attended the Dogpatch warehouse sale any Triple Aught Design. I wanted to wait until the feelings of friendship faded so I could write an unbiased review..well it's been ten months and I still think of them as friends. I still enjoy my products just as much as I did then. I still enjoy their community as much as I did as well. They've continued to move into new territory while keeping things as local as they can. We've seen not just new styles but new innovations in use of materials. While I've yet to get hands on with everything I want I've gotten a lot more than I probably should have on my budget. 

My wife even slowly converted to a minor case of infected junkie. How do you know you're a fan? When you live in Georgia and you find yourself wishing it was colder so you could justify getting more of their products! My favorite though is the Tradecraft shirt which if Im wearing a button up its probably one of those. The items are always made with high quality and I don't mind paying more for locally sourced and made goods. More importantly the company is about more than just the gear while not losing its own identity. The combination of people embracing their brand runs from agents to artists and pretty much anywhere in between. 

After almost a year I'm looking forward to seeing the same and more from the future of Triple Aught Design. So if you're going to be around Ill be there with all the junkies just enjoying the chaos of great friends and celebrating a great company.

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