September 06, 2016

If you're one of those people who likes to train in firearms, sometimes listening to someone drone on and on about how great they are while prescribing the perfect drills that will obviously make you finally an operator is tedious. At times you can completely lose the spontaneity effect random training can have by doing the same drills over and over again. RE Factor Tactical has come up with a great multipurpose training aid that can make sure the local Kim Jung range doesn't seize all your fun in the name of supreme monotony. Plus if they still don't quit you can just go play cards instead. 

What they have done is create a deck of cards with shooting drills on them. As the numbers get higher so does the complexity of the drill. This combined with a target designed to work with the system allows you to engage in training with either a completely random mix or separated into levels of experience. The fun comes with adding in friends and other twists as well such as card deck PT prior to engaging in the drills or a game of war with your friends and the higher drill wins. For our fun HH6 and I enjoyed shooting with our friends Steve and Ed. Steve is a former national level cycling competitor and strength coach with a decent level of firearms knowledge. Ed is a former Marine just now starting to truly enjoy firearms while diving into competition.

We tried just diving into the deck and had some fun then we read the directions and had even more fun. What RE Factor Tactical has done is taken something fun and innovated it into something that can help every level of shooter. From beginner to novice you can separate our your skill level or just pull and go. The Dead Man's Hand Shooting Deck can be bought here for the great value of $18.95 and the corresponding IQ Target here. Over all we truly enjoyed a nice day of shooting and training using both the cards and the targets. We have more plans to test them at an up coming event so stay tuned but in the meantime go check them out for yourself!

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