December 02, 2017

Once you understand there is no spoon it makes accepting the world we live and work in that much clearer.  If someone wants to get you bad enough they can.  In reality most people working to learn skills like how to bypass a lock or escape illegal captivity will never find themselves in that situation.  Its a very small subset of the population that needs to actually spend more than a millisecond thinking about that skill set.  The promise I can make you is even if you aren’t in the career field that needs to worry theres nothing wrong with putting on your puzzle maker hat and riddling your way around the improbable. 

The worst day of your life wont be tailored to those obscure skills you practiced.  In fact quite the opposite is what makes that day the worst. 

What happens next is dependent on you.

Most people seeing a lock decide they don’t have the key and turn around.  Some people notice the zip tie and laugh before turning around to walk away.  Another section snap the zip tie and move the chain.  The largest slice of our society wouldn’t try and cross the barrier though.  The rule of law is for the most part respected in our land. 

Some abide by it due to their religious beliefs and others because they retain a self correcting moral compass.  Some dudes just don’t abide and will rip everything you’ve ever worked for out of an innocent set of hands without blinking.  

The search for knowledge should never be abandoned.  I personally feel this as a mantra.  If you don't know how to do something or find yourself uncomfortable than how to explore that should be your next plan.  Don’t limit yourself to the sexy stuff like lock bypass or other tradecraft methods.  The likelihood of you having to carry on covert communications with someone is lower than your likely need to render first aid assistance.  Take it down the road a step further and understanding how to complete basic coding becomes even more useful in the spectrum of likely use.  I’m not advocating for skipping anything but work through what you’re likely to use. The saying “Jack of all trades and master of none” is popular for a reason.

If you have unlimited time and funds than go wild and work it all but I’ve yet to meet the real Bruce Wayne.  I may not be the uber online cool guy but I’ve been to some pretty small parties.  Opportunity presents itself to those looking up from their cell phones long enough to seek it out.  No matter your situation with the advent and growth of YouTube training is out there.  The caution comes when a Navy washout is trying to teach you tradecraft.  Vetting your sources can come into play lots of ways but choosing your source isn’t a flippant activity. If having lots of followers on social media was a vetting method the world view would be drastically different.

Always be learning and if nothing else learning from a snake oil salesman makes you more likely to know better next time.  Like most good relationships you have to put yourself out there to grow with each encounter.

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