May 30, 2017

For Shot Show 2016 I refused to look like I walked through an army surplus with a tactical magnet.  I reached out to the awesome folks at Triple Aught Design (TAD) for their thoughts on some new kit to up my roguery level.  They've had a lot of progress in the non-tactical looking but still highly functional area recently.  Understanding that professionals cant wear cargo pockets and combat shirts in every environment they're well into the next evolution. 

Originally when I looked at the pictures I wasn't really interested in the Sentinel because its length looked more akin to a trench coat.  After talking with Phil about the jacket he assured me it was just what I was looking for.  When you hear directly from a source you take that information and apply it.  In a few days a box arrived from the TAD headquarters (HQ) in Dogpatch, San Francisco, California. With two great choices in front of me (they also sent a Rogue my way but more on that later) I quickly tore into the package like a kid at Christmas. 

Directly out of the box the Sentinel rose in value level.  Ive never had a Ventile clothing item before so I honestly didn't know what to expect as far as feel of the jacket.  The material has a weight to it but its not heavy in a way a sturdy material is but not encumbering.   It does feel like you can wear it for years though right out of the box.  Throwing it on for the first time I found its length isnt as long as the picture made it seem.   Instead I found it to be a comfortable length and the look is casual enough to blend but sophisticated enough to dress up.  I wore the Sentinel for the majority of Shot Show and had no issues with it.  I did find myself praying for rain just so I could see the fabrics water resistance in action.  While we got a few minor showers there was no solid rain to test so at some point Ill just have to drive through a car wash or something.


Overall the fit of the jacket is great and its rapidly become one of my favorites.  Its great for temperate weather and with a nice under layer you can push even that.  Its appearance is great for blending because its simple lines don't draw attention and the lack of velcro is a definite must.  I find this jacket has a lot of solid wear time in my wardrobe due to its functionality for both social and surveillance roles.  My only complaint is that due to the fabric that makes it great it also limits the ability to toss it in the washer and go.  

The Sentinel Field Jacket is available from Triple Aught Design here for $400 in both black and loden.

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