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We often stare darkly into spaces inhabiting our memories of isolated moments our brains chose to hold as close as a lover. We smile and love our families but we know that somewhere there's a fight raging. Somewhere someone if fighting for their lives against a perception of evil as we understand it. We think of the ones still fighting and wish we were there all the while loving the ones we hold dear. It's not a perfect world and those boundaries are held tight by people comfortable living in dark places eating meals with people who will try to kill them.

How do you come home from those places and not become something you despise? For many they don't find a way but others do and it's as unique a path as each sunrise. What works for one person may not work for others. One person's view of the exact same painting is shaped by the anchors they cling to. Many look for surrogate families in groups or through supporting what they perceive to be righteous causes. I think it falls back to people seeking out their place in society. In the last few years the rise of events where you participate and through their singular approval become validated has skyrocketed. Whether it's a workout style, endurance event, or obstacle course race it's permeated our society. If you're not part of the club you're obviously a lesser person.

In some cases people recognize this need and symbiotic relationship while in others they’re duped into thinking they're supporting a “charity”. Either way like most symbiotic relationships it can either be healthy for both parties or can turn parasitic. People, in longing to belong, can drive themselves to unhealthy acts of physical, mental, social, or even financial contrition. I know of a few cases where people had to declare bankruptcy from flying around to do event after event after event. Once they filed the bankruptcy they went online and asked for money to travel to more events because the lack had driven them to thoughts of suicide. Yet no one seemingly stepped in to say this maybe unhealthy but instead happily bought another hit of figurative crack.

Humans are a tribal creature and the Global War on Terror has bred a whole new generation of people addicted to their tribe. I was speaking with a friend today at lunch about how hard it was to function without a team in your life after being so reliant on it.

The tribe becomes all.

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