July 14, 2016

I joined the Rogues Den group as part of a natural progression following Logan, Brent Whitman and Darren Nichols from other groups as we watched them fall apart and drift so far from their original purpose that there was no correcting their course and it was time to move on.

I believe that Logan is currently one of the most level headed individuals with in the tacti-cool community who is trying to accomplish something besides selling his wares and this is evidenced by the Rogues Den. I accepted invitation into the den in the hopes of finding individuals who were capable of communicating intelligently with those they disagree with. People who seek to better not only themselves but others. The kind of people you look to when everything goes belly up. A group I could use as a sounding board when I questioned myself. 

So far the people within the Den have far exceeded the expectations, there are always outliers, and I hope in time they willingly move on but if they don't they are certainly a minority with in the group.

For my part within the group, and any group I seek common ground. We live in a society of extremes where few are willing to even discuss that middle ground exists and I think that will eventually be our downfall. So as they say, impact your sphere of influence and seek to increase it.


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