July 15, 2016

We asked our community why they felt drawn to the Rogues Den, our insiders team room for those that the Rogue mindset, here are some of our favourite responses.

 I'm here to expand my comfort zone. Every man dies but not every man truly lives. Since I met Logan I've jumped out of 2 airplanes and started section-hiking the Appalachian Trail.

-Jon Norris

 Looking for and found a way to bridge the gap. I never served as I was too fat and lazy. I've never met a better group of people. I'm able to be myself and offer any insight I may have while learning more and more.

-Brad Raymo

 In the last several years I've undergone a change of perspective. The things that are important, and what I want to do in life. In order to accomplish my goals I've needed to identify resources and being included in this community is part of that. 
I train for life. The life I'm living, and the life I want. That means learning skill sets, and mindsets that will serve me. I believe the knowledge I'm looking for resides here.

-Philip Glorioso 

Personally I enjoy this group for the non bs factor and ability for members to disagree appropriately and provide honest feedback.. Plus the fun shit

-Rob Larson

 To go rogue is about living life not just being "alive" . It is being different to the rest of the herd, willing to get up of my ass and live, to seek out adventure , to learn and better myself.

-Marc James

It's 0300. I just spent an hour alternating between the pool and hot tub at the Lodge in Callaway Gardens. The rest of the guests hit the racks hours ago and few will rally at 0600 with me. This is my first time at Callaway and I will probably not make it back for another 40 years. Why waste time in bed. Drink Jack, Crown, hit the hot tub, then share ridiculous roguery.

-Mike Lancaster

Going rogue is like a route you travel that others may consider impassable or treacherous, and although there's an easier route that would surely get you to your destination, the rouge route will too. The difference is, the way of the rogue will have scenery, some laughs, cause you to break a sweat, and maybe even scare you a little. The other route, well, it's just boring, and no one ever talks about boring. 

-Peter Bowden


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