Rogue Dynamics


A revamp of our original coin that fits in the wallet a bit better and can be "docked" in any number of shapes.

There's a story that prior to 9/11 a case officer working in Afghanistan got orders to shut down shop.  Before they left they took a coin and cut it in half.  They gave half to the elder and kept the other half as a token so if anyone ever came back the village would know they were legitimate.  In the days following 9/11 a lone case officer went back to that northern village to rally a force against the Taliban.  When they got off the helicopter they presented the villagers with half of the coin.  Even though it was many years later and the original elder was long dead the village rallied around and brought forward the other half of the coin.  A lone traveler in a dangerous land on a dangerous mission was instantly a member of a tribe that would shed blood to protect them and fight along side them.  Thats the story anyway and I'm sure its just a story because such a thing would no doubt never be allowed to be told if it was true.

Collections: Coins, Frontpage, Gear

Category: Coin, labyrinth, Motivation, Rogue, Roguery, Rogues

Type: Coin

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