Blueline Mag Extention

Rogue Dynamics

Extends magazine capacity to +4 in 9mm and 10mm.  Extends magazine capacity to +3 in .40 and 45 ACP. Over-engineered for a lifetime of service. Groove allows for positive Index on reloads, each time, every time. Supports shooters with larger hands. Magazine strips effortlessly with the knife-edge of the support hand, which benefits the shooter in clearing the magazine well faster and also allows for double-feed/failure-to-extract clearance without locking the slide to the rear.   Matte anodized finish to reduce target-signature/shine. Drain hole in the bottom prevents sediment and moisture buildup in the magazine body. Designed by a door-kicker, for door-kickers. -An MJS Design (Stock magazine floor-plate is NOT needed)

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