November 26, 2015

LT Wright Handcrafted Knives made one heck of an impression on me at the first overland event I attended, the Overland Expo East. I met a lot of people there, including many of the MOTUS tribe, that I still talk to today. Not to mention, I had the pleasure of having friends from Detroit drive down to the event as well. Needless to say it was a great trip for my wife, Riley Rogue, and myself. However, even after I left Expo, I kept thinking about L.T. Wright and their knives!

Recently I had the pleasure of trying out two of L.T. Wright’s knives. Now I’m not a blade expert by any means, but I’ve carried one with me everyday for a long enough time to know what I like, and what I don’t like. First off, I like hand-made. This is always tough when you have caviar taste and a beer budget! Second of all, I like products that are made in the USA. Having a small business myself, I know how hard it is to keep products made in the US while keeping the quality high and the cost low. So, mix hand-made in Ohio with great pricing, toss in some outstanding kydex work, and I’m a happy little Rogue!

The first blade I wasn’t sure I’d like, but I ended up truly falling in love with was their Stealth ($160, or $175 with Tek-Lok). The Stealth is a great all around everyday knife and it features some great kydex work. The knife itself has an overall length of 6.5″ with a  2.75″ sharpened edge. Made from 1/8″ D2 steel, the Stealth is both well made and comes with a razor-sharp edge. It’s sharp enough that you can even shave with it. Trust me on that one!

The knife’s lines are smooth and it’s not the bowie-knife style some people carry everyday that makes my eyes roll. I prefer subtle, but effective whenever possible.

The micarta handle is smooth, yet textured just enough that it won’t slip during use. One of the many ways I field tested the Stealth was cleaning a turkey after a recent hunt. It did the job with ease and not once did I worry about my grip or loosing control of the blade. It’s always a great feeling when a knife performs effortlessly as a tool and gets the job done with ease.

Now the kydex sheath has a locking slide, that when engaged, I was unable to defeat. The blade isn’t going anywhere so you can vertically carry it without any worry or concern. That being said, I’m a scout carry kind of guy and that’s where it paired easily with some Tek-Lok hardware. I wore it on a recent hunting trip and it didn’t move an inch from where I put it – unless I wanted it to! On top of that, the awesome folks at LT Wright even took an outline of the Rogue Dynamics logo and worked it into the Stealth’s kydex.

I’d like to give a big thank you to the awesome folks at LT Wright Handmade Knives for the great blade to review. I’ll be taking with me on many of my upcoming adventures. Coming up next is my review of their Genesis with DWX (Deep Woods Xplorer) sheath. Stay tuned!

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