Review: Triple Aught Design Aspect RS Pants

Review: Triple Aught Design Aspect RS Pants

April 10, 2020

I hate the contractor casual look that is so prevalent overseas but at the same time the extra pockets do come in handy. Some cargo pants have gaping pockets that hang off the side of your pants like love handles for your thighs.  They look like the uniform of contract security which is where the term contractor casual comes from.  Sadly the utility of the job standing a post tends to not allow those folks with the freedom to choose. Luckily that’s not our role so why dress like it is and if you have a choice why not look good? 

The Aspect RS Pants are on the newer side from Triple Aught Design (TAD) and made in California out of Nylon Cotton (NYCO) Ripstop (RS) material. If you tend to travel a lot in hot climates you want something durable but at the same time not super thick for pants. My normal operational range goes from south Texas to the African continent which further illustrates why I tend to avoid thick clothes that don’t breathe. I spend a fair amount of time in meetings both in formal settings and also sketchy places. With that comes the need for professional looking clothing with a bit of stretch and a lot of durability. TAD has done some great work in the past and like all good brands not everything can be a hit but I really like these pants as a solid addition to my everyday wardrobe.

PROS: Big loops, placement of the pockets. 

CONS: Snaps - not sure why but I just think I would prefer the old TAD standard of buttons. I don't hate the snaps and in some ways for quick access I'm sure they’re better but I just like the old buttons.

Aspect RS Pants can be found here for $165.00. Applicable discounts apply for military and first responders.

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